May 26, 2024
ethan and olivia plath

Olivia and Ethan Plath’s Relationship “Hit Rock Bottom”: “It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better”

I’m not going to hold back. Olivia and Ethan Plath have been candid about the ups and downs of their love on Welcome to Plathville, and it’s all been worth it. “Couples counseling has always been something I’ve wanted to undertake. That was something I felt would really benefit us based on where we were in our relationship,” Ethan, 23, told sources exclusively on Monday, August 30.

She told the sources, “I felt like so many of the things we dealt with where both of us speaking out of past pain.” “And I felt that if we both went to counseling privately, like, individually, we could deal with all of our issues on our own and come back with greater tools to communicate with each other. But, obviously, that was my dream, and it was not something Ethan was happy with. ‘OK, we’ll go to couples therapy,’ I said as a compromise.’

Their strained relationship is highlighted in the TLC series, which is presently in its third season. Olivia and Ethan have had their fair share of problems since the show’s premiere and Olivia’s feud with Ethan’s family.

“You’ll probably see some things you didn’t see before, but this is a reality TV show,” Ethan said of the sources. “I try to be as honest as possible, and I find it difficult to be anything other than myself. So what you see is what you get, but I’d say we’re doing a lot better than some of the moments you’ll see later in the season for a variety of reasons — clearly couples counseling, but also where we’re at in life, working things out.”

The blogger went on to explain that they’ve finally come out on top because they’ve been through so much since marrying in 2018.

The photographer told the sources, “It was awful to hit rock bottom. When we originally started the season, pretty much nothing was going right, and it all came to a climax in the first few weeks. It also means that, as unpleasant as the first few episodes and scenes are, things improve dramatically. It will grow worse before it will get better….Now we’re in a lot better position.”

“In some ways, I feel like our relationship was backwards in that we married so young without truly knowing each other. And now we’re in the dating phase of getting to know each other,” she continued. “So there’s no way I’m giving up this, especially after everything we’ve been through.” I’m not emotionally capable of loving another person right now because I’m still working on loving Ethan and myself. We’re content to wait a bit longer. ”

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