June 12, 2024

Adele opens up about tearful reconciliation with alcoholic father on Opera’s late night.

On the two-hour CBS special ‘Adele One Night Only’ of Opera’s talk show, the fifteen time Grammy winner opened about her reconciliation with her father, Mark Evans in Wales before he passed away in May from bowel cancer. As Adele opened up about her childhood and her time with her estranged father who abandoned them at the age of three, she broke down and moved the audience to tears. 

Adele confessed to Opera that she got some closure after interacting with him before she lost him to bowel cancer. Her father has been absent for a bulk part of her childhood, and attributed it to alcohol, which she believes has now shaped her attitude and how she should navigate through her relationships as an adult. Oprah sensitively inquired the British singer of her bitter experience with alcoholism, whereupon the stories came tumbling out. Adele recounted how her father walked out on the family when she was just three years old and have not kept in touch since then, her parents marriage fell apart and his absolute lack of presence and effort throughout the years has made her very sceptical towards her relationships at adulthood. The impact has been so hard hitting that it has affected her marriage to ex-husband Simon Konecki. 

The singer also talked about her divorce and added that, ‘I take marriage very seriously and it seems like I don’t…That’s what it should be. When we have kids, we stay together, and I tried. I was so disappointed for my son, I was so disappointed for myself.’

In 2011, Evans made the headlines by calling out her daughter on her abandonment issues and claimed that as the reason for her struggling with finding love and keeping it. Being an alcoholic and estranged from his family, took a toll on him and in 2019, it was revealed that he lived off £50 a day as a Yodel delivery driver after giving up his career as a plumber. Around the same time, he got diagnosed with bowel cancer. In the same interview, he admitted how he has been a rotten father and not been able to afford his family the proper care and adulation he should have. He got addicted to alcohol when his marriage to Adele’s mother Penny Adkins fell apart, and noted, “ I was putting away two litres of vodka and seven or eight pints of Stella every day. I drank like that for three years. God only knows how I survived it.”

Adele confessed to the talk show host how communicating with Evans and having him understand how he hurt her actually brought her some closure. She added that her failed marriage with entrepreneur Simon Konecki was inevitable, but she was embarassed with the divorce since it reminded her of her parents’. The singer said she was in a shooting for a ‘boujee magazine,’ when, for the first time, she said out loud what she had been feeling for a long period of time. She realised through a moment of catharsis, that she wasn’t at all happy with their current relationship and decided to pull the plug. But that did not mean she and Konecki were no longer friends. They still respect each other’s decisions and the loving bond they once shared. 

Adele went on to address her impressive physical transformation over the years when she took a break from her musical pursuits, saying how accepting her body and acclimatizing to it took time and before that she would have terrible anxiety problems. She talked about body positivity and not seeking for validation elsewhere. Later as the night progressed, she gave one of her most stellar performances to the star studded audience at the  Los Angeles Griffith Observatory  in a Schiaparelli Ans dress singing her heartfelt lyrics.

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