May 21, 2024

“RHONJ” alum’s son-in-law Pete Malleo caught in extramarital affair; denies cheating

Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, Ashlee Holmes Malleo accused ex-husband Pete of cheating in a recent Instagram post which the latter completely denied. The 30-year-old star and “Your Mom Friends” podcast co-host in a public interview revealed how Pete has had flings and extramarital affairs in the past, some physical some otherwise with the latest being a virtual flirtation with a girl that ended with them exchanging pictures. The fling continued throughout the first year of his relationship with Ashlee and ended around three months into her pregnancy. The couple share a 5-year-old son Cameron. 

Ashlee who hails from Nevada initially posted a picture of their son on Instagram reflecting on how big he has grown up with the caption, “My baby doesn’t look like a baby anymore and I’m just trying to figure out when that happened……….” The very same day Pete shared a post marking his career in the music industry which Ashlee came out in support for.

Pete’s post mostly talked about how he’s been playing music with his boys for 19 years and is grateful that they have stuck together for so long and shared a black and white photograph of the boys playing together. He urged fans to check out their new album on the page to which Ashlee commented “Proud of you.” But later Ashlee complained how her husband has been busy “f–king some busted looking whore,” to some Instagram fan which sparked rumours about how Pete must have been cheating on her. Pete on his part denied the charges completely saying in an exclusive interview that  “I never cheated,” despite what his estranged wife hinted at in her post. He however confessed that he actually sent a request to someone, liked a few photos and asked her out, making it clear that he was estranged  and single, open to dating. He further added that the couple were going through a divorce.

Ashlee on her part claimed that Pete’s past fling only ended because she confronted the woman. She further alleged that Pete had previously claimed he wasn’t seeing anybody but later that turned out false. Their marriage was even before falling apart but this had to be the final straw. Ashlee attributed these to probably the fact that Pete would not agree to therapy sessions with her, wouldn’t be truthful even when given opportunities and called him out for labelling the fling as “a mere DM exchange”.

The actress however commended on his parenting skills saying , “Pete is an excellent father when he chooses to be with Cameron. I wish we could continue to co-parent in the way we had been lately,” in a recent interview to a magazine’s reporters. Ashlee and Pete tied the knot in August 2018 but within two years, they split up only to reconcile for the sake of the kid and the family but when Pete’s infidelity issues came to light, they again split up six months later.

Pete however put forth his statement in another public interview to US Weekly on November 8, saying, “Ashlee and I have been separated and living apart since August and we are currently going through a divorce,” he continued. “At this point, I am focused only on our son and continuing to show him unconditional love. As such, I will not be making any further comment to any news outlets. I am hopeful that Ashlee and I can resolve our divorce in a private manner outside of the public eye for the sake of our son.”

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