July 16, 2024

Former Duchess’s estranged brother Markle Jr. had urged to call off wedding; apologises in public!

What makes today’s headlines from the royal family? None other than the former Duchess’s estranged brother making a public apology for previously trying to manipulate and coerce Prince Harry from tying the knot with Duchess and sister, Meghan Markle. 

In 2018, Thomas Markel Jr. in an exclusive interview with Prince Harry, published by InTouch at the time, wrote a letter where he addressed Meghan as a “jaded, shallow, conceited woman that will make a joke of you and the royal family heritage.” His words of caution or perhaps closeted jealousy and hidden sibling rivalry fell upon deaf ears however and Prince Harry chose to marry her later that year in a grad ceremony, befitting his royal status and marking her inclusion into the royal family. They professed their “I do’s “ on May 19, 2018 and have had two children since then. Three years later, the estranged brother is both apologetic and regretful for expressing his grievances against his half-sister this plausibly and publicly and being “immature” regarding the entire situation. 

In a public apology that he made while appearing on Australia’s Big Brother VIP on Monday, November 8, Thomas, 55, confessed how sorry he was for writing such a mean and harsh letter to the couple prior to their wedding and how he had actually been in a dark and hurt phase of his life when he actually penned it. He went onto say he deeply regretted the act, not only was it mean but also selfish and immature on his part to lash out at the royals. He made it a point to note afterwards that thereon he has changed a lot and grown as a person and now has more love to give than anything. 

Meghan Markle has biracial parents, with her mother being an African American and her father, Thomas Markle  who’s English. Meghan shares her father with Thomas Markle Jr. although according to her own statement, they have been pretty much an estranged family and siblings from the very start and even at the time of the nuptials. Earlier this year, in her public interview post release of her book Bench, she revealed that she had been brought up more or less as an only child and added, “I wished I had siblings,” confirming that she hadn’t seen half-sister Samantha Markle in nearly 20 years. 

The two half-siblings haven’t been in touch for a long time with Markle Jr. himself confessing that he moved out of home when Meghan had just been a toddler. Still, he claimed they had an “amazing bond” as children, despite their 15-year age gap. 

Meghan and Harry now have two children of their own, Archie, 2, and Lilibet, 5 months. The babies haven’t met their mother’s side of the family yet. Only a year back the couple decided to give up their claims to the royal throne and succession to the family line and instead focus on having a normal, happy married life away from too much of the public glare.

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