May 21, 2024
Britney Spears married to Sam Asghari?

Fans suspect Britney Spears married to fiancé Sam Asghari earlier this month.

Fan theories have recently surfaced regarding pop sensation and teen crush, Britney Spears and her fiancé Sam Asghari that the two might have possibly tied the knot at a secret wedding earlier this year, only days after announcing their engagement. The speculation garnered public attention after the model posted a suggestive comment, rather a caption to a picture of theirs on Instagram, where he called her his “wife”. Crowds have gone frenzy since.

Spears, who just got her freedom back a month back, after staying under her father’s conservatorship for almost 20 years, got engaged to Sam Asghari  in September after five years of dating. They first met in 2016, on the sets of the singer’s “Slumber Party” music video. Ever since they got engaged and Britney got freed of her conservatorship and her life back on track, she has been pretty open about her desire to get married and live together like a couple. She has also shared her wedding plans with the fan, be it the dress she wanted to wear or the kind of affair she’d like the event to be. She disclosed how she had entrusted legendary designer and fashion powerhouse, Donatella Versace and Versace and Versace for making her wedding gown. 

So what was the post that sparked such speculations on behalf of the fans?

On Wednesday, December 1, Sam posted a couple of pictures of the singer and himself, sharing moments of brisk intimacy and captioned it the following, “I call you Lioness because I admire your relentless strength, I’m inspired by your beautiful heart, I celebrate your smile that lights up my world. Everyday is your birthday my queen. Happy 1st birthday to my wife.”

Sam’s caption while it read very sweet and lovely, yet had an undertone to it, as per the crowd. They couldn’t stop emphasising on the “wife” part, which prompted many to pose questions in the comment section asking whether they have already tied the knot.  “wife???? Omg,” one fan wrote in the comments section, while another replied, “wait did y’all get married??”

Britney however played it smart and steered clear of the drama when she posted the same pictures on her wall but called Asghari “my fiancé.” The duo are heading off for a vacation in her private jet to celebrate her 40th birthday and were spotted sharing a kiss and hugging. 

She even commented, “Oh the precious joy today !!! Me and my fiancé are so excited to be going away,” taking a subtle dig at the paparazzi including the time they decided to take pictures of her from unflattering angles to portray how unfit she might have become over the years.

“I’ve been working out and it’s real … whatever,” she went on to add. “God thank you for being able to go out of the country !!!! I am blessed !!!!”

Sam had really pulled out all stops in getting the Toxic singer her dream wedding band. According to sources he worked closely with the founder of Forever Diamonds based in New York, Roman Malayev to create a 4-carat diamond ring with the nickname “Lioness” carved on it, something he chooses to call Spears by. He has also gushed about how he’d like to get married to Spears already, telling E! In an exclusive interview, “sooner or later, we’re going to get married.” 

After making the headlines in the past couple of years for her traumatizing ordeal with getting robbed of her freedom and dealing with terrible mental health conditions, the duo certainly deserve to live out the rest of their happily ever afters together.

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