May 26, 2024

James Love AKA Doc

James Love, nicknamed DOC, in the Street Outlaws racing arena is a famous car mechanic and street car racer who rose to prominence through Discovery Channel’s reality series by the same name. Being a race car and sports car enthusiast ever since childhood, he is the proud owner of several muscle cars and is known for his knack to remodel and refurbish old cars and scraps into brand new versions. He drives a customized 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo on the sets of Street Outlaws, often referred to as the Street Beast and has a net worth quite high compared to his contemporaries. 

James Doc Love Career and Early Life

DOC James Love was born on February 19, 1969, in Moore, Oklahoma, in the family of a concrete construction worker. As such he had a rough childhood and they would spend their days on meagre means, or whatever his father could manage to put on the table. He also has two siblings, a brother and a sister and in the winter days, they would nearly starve to death on just beans, cornbread and soup. In the summer days, he would go to high-school and then work part-time just to earn enough cash so he can buy clothes for the next year. He did his preliminary education from Moore High School in Oklahoma City and would drive both his siblings and himself to school and later to work. His first vehicular possession was a  ’77 Monte Carlo, given to him by his parents. Right from his teenage days, he has developed a weird fascination for sports cars and after graduating, joined the Universal Technical Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona to become a diesel mechanic. 

James Doc Love Car

James Doc Love Car

His first car, that he bought with his own money, was another ’72 Monte Carlo model for $75. He remodelled it however by putting in some rear brakes and timing chain and would drive it quite frequently. After becoming a diesel mechanic, he started working as the foreman at Peterbilt dealership in Oklahoma City itself and later became the sole owner of a repair shop, Southwest Diesel Service in 2003. He got married to his high school sweetheart, Judy in 1990 and put his passion for locomotives on hold after welcoming their daughter. Once his repair shop attained some financial stability, he decided to dive headlong into his passion for race cars and locomotives. He bought the Street Beast online at eBay in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2003. It is still not clear how he got his big break into street racing with Discovery channel’s reality show but ever since the show premiered in 2013, there has been no turning back for Doc. After 15 seasons and several series of modifications for his car, James has built quite a niche for himself in the world of racing and mechanics. Throughout the seasons where he has been a more or less fixed participant, he was seen constantly tinkering with and upgrading his online purchased car. Currently Street Beast boasts a nitrous engine, monster tires, and a 959” CID mountain motor. Owing to his passion for the drive and adrenaline kick that he gets from lugging about his muscle car through the deserts of California and what not, DOC has occupied the top spot several times in the show.

James Doc Love Net worth

As of 2020, James’ net worth was estimated to be around $600,000, bulk of which can be solely attributed to his involvement with the Discovery channel reality show that made him a household name all around America. Although his annual salary from participating in almost every season of the show is not known, celebrity gurus are of the opinion that it could easily be quite a hefty amount, bigger than his contemporaries even, given his insane popularity and the fact that he has been cast in almost every season. This show is however not all he’s got, since he post reality TV fame, he has acquired quite a few assets in the real estate business as well as through remodelling and upgrading various select cars, vintage or muscle locomotives, all of which has no doubt added to his billionaire status. He currently lives in a mansion in Oklahoma City itself with his wife and two daughters.

James Doc Love Daughter and Family

James Doc Love Daughter

Doc has been quite the family man, having married his high-school sweetheart, Judy in 1990 and even has two daughters with her, Ashtyn and Haley. The pair have been married quite happily for over thirty years minus any controversy or hints of unhappiness. Judy shares the same vision as her husband and has played quite an important figure supporting him emotionally and mentally, throughout his journey on the show. She was there for him when Doc finished as the no.1 in the racing game just like she has stood by him when he suffered from a heart attack and car accident while on the sets of the show. The two share a bond, that simply doesn’t get mitigated over time.

James Doc Love Accident

James Doc Love Accident

Street Outlaws, created by Discovery Channel as a reality show to entertain the normal American dream of pounding through the streets with muscle cars and gain victory, basically a street car racing show, premiered on June 10, 2013 and ran for 17 seasons till date. James DOC Love has been a more or less regularly featured contestant in the show, driving his beat up yet constantly upgraded 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo, nicknamed Street Beast and hailed it as “set on kill” for any competitors who would be unfortunate enough to get in the way. 

However the veteran street car racer ran into a major accident while driving his beat up Chevy on the sets of Street outlaws. In September 20, 2020, Love took to Facebook to share his ordeal and what it might possibly mean for his future on the show. According to James, he was participating in yet another street racing, driving the Beast down the Nebraska roads when the accident happened. The car apparently rolled over 5 to 6 times and even crashed into a few cedar trees lining the sidewalk. The event was recorded almost in the entirety on one episode of Street Outlaws. Love suffered from major concussions and remembers being knocked out straight for 20 or 30 minutes before he regained consciousness and cried help. 

“I am fine if you can call being yellow, black, blue, green, and a wonderful shade of purple from my neck to my calves,” he explained in his post, thanking his fans and family for their support and love under such times of unendurable pain and difficulty. Doc however opened up that he was trying his best to recover from the accident physically but the same could not be said of his street car and apple of his eye. Apparently Street Beast got mutilated pretty bad and it would not be an easy task to repair him. Doc gave a big shout-out to the team that built such a sturdy muscular car, designed to survive any kind of wreck yet expressed dissatisfaction over having to remodel it almost entirely. 

“Not really looking forward to the rebuild process as 2020 and COVID has not been kind to the wallet. But we WILL come back better, stronger, and faster somehow!” he signed off in his Facebook post signifying a strong willingness to overcome this hurdle.

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