June 12, 2024

Reasons — Why should you buy Honor x8 in 2022?

Honor, we all know, is the most selling brand of smartphones. Let’s talk about another hottest brand of Honor — Honor x8.


Honor x8 is a 5g smartphone with long battery life. The features of this smartphone are, as usual, fantastic and unique. The honor x8 5g battery life is the most attention-grabbing feature. The 5G service availability convinces buyers to buy this smartphone for fast internet service as the outbreak of corona pandemic made us work from home. Working from home needs fast internet service. Its mid-range price is also one of the factors for making it sell like hotcakes. Here, in this article, we shall discuss why you should buy honor x8 in 2022.

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Here is a quick insight into the pros of Honor x8:

  • Thin and light smartphone
  • Very affordable smartphone
  • Qualcomm chipset availability
  • Long battery span

Budget require for buying Honor x8:

The honor x8 is a budget-friendly smartphone with a lot of unique features. Let’s discuss the unique features of this smartphone. So here we go!

Key features:

The key features are:

  • The 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM storage make it highly demanding;
  • 64MP, 5MP, and 2MP cameras are available with a 2MP depth sensor;
  • The Snapdragon 680 chipset is the best feature;
  • The 1080p display is just amazing;
  • The max refresh rate is 90Hz;
  • A fingerprint sensor of high quality is available;
  • Budget-friendly.

A detailed review of features:

Price: One of the most notable features of honor x8 is its selling price which is quite pocket friendly and is available at just £219.99. The availability status is still positive. The best thing about its purchase was that people who bought it before 8th May 2022 also received Honor Earbuds 2 Lite for free, which is a plus point.

So now you know it makes a firm grip on budget while purchasing. The budget bracket is the most important thing while buying any product, and if it’s in a grip, that’s a plus point. 

Processor: The Snapdragon 680 processor is the most bootable thing you find in any smartphone, as it gives the phone power efficiency and provides the ability to process a wide variety of apps.

Networks: It supports 5G internet. The Bluetooth 5.0, a max 90Hz refresh rate, makes heads turn.

Charging feature: The honor X8 supports a 4000mAh battery. Our experts found its battery performance efficient. You can go on 30 hours without charging with intensive use like browsing, social media surging, video and audio streaming, etc. The honor x8 5g battery life is the notable and attention-grabbing feature. The honor x8 5g battery life can compete with any other best smartphone in the world as it is power efficient.

Operating system: when it comes to the operating system, this smartphone supports Android 11 with Honor’s Magic UI 4.2.

Camera: The honor x8 supports a high-quality camera that packs 64MP, 5MP, and 2MP cameras and 2MP cameras with depth sensors. You can catch aesthetic pictures with honor x8. In terms of video capturing, it packs 1080p video quality.

Here, we discussed the main features of the honor x8. You must use this smartphone as it fulfills all the requirements of the latest smartphone brands

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