July 16, 2024

Ready to Experience the Sky Heights Enjoyments at Dubai Best 6 Theme Parks

Dubai and its fabulous range of rides and attractions makes it a one of a kind holiday destination. The destination not only features massive skyscrapers or modern high end cityscape, but also a massive range of amusement parks with rides suiting all age groups. The IMG World of Adventure, which features rides inspired from your favourite marvel,  Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard and The Lost Valley is the perfect getaway in your vacation expedition. In here you can expect your favourite characters such as BEN 10 and powerpuff girl and enjoy a fascinating meet and greet experience with them as well. The Bollywood park in Dubai is another extraordinary experience, having rides inspired from Bollywood hits such as lagaan, rodeo is sawaari, and one exclusive 3D interactive ride wherein you will have a fun experience of shooting down dacoits from the movie Sholay.

  1. IMG World of Adventure – Known for being one of largest indoor theme parks, the IMG World of Adventure is a definite stop in your venture of the amusement parks in Dubai. The entire park is split into 4 themed zones, inspired by the movies of marvel,  Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard and The Lost Valley. One can find intriguing and awesome indoor activities and rides that will make your day. Meet your favourite cartoon characters of ben 10 and powerpuff girls, and experience the fun rides inspired from them. The marvel zone, with the splendid Hulk Epsilon Base 3D, Thor Thunder Spin, Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge, Avengers Battle of Ultron, and Avengers Flight of the Quinjets promises you a myriad of themed activities that you cannot get enough of.
  2. Dinosaur Park Dubai – A splendid park inspired by these prehistoric creatures, is what Dinosaur Park Dubai has to offer for all Dinosaur lovers. The entire outdoor park has over 120 of these prehistoric creatures, which almost look real. Spread over a massive space of 60 acres, one can find life size animatronic dinosaurs here which gives you a great chance to delve deeper into your knowledge of these animals. The animals that are featured here are, Apatosaurus, Corythosaurus, Spinosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, and Dimetrodon. These real looking dinosaurs, move and have jaws and feet that are intricately crafted to resemble the prehistoric creatures.
  3. Legoland Dubai  – Legoland is one of the most sought after attractions in Dubai, famous for its vast variety of rides and attractions. The theme park starts with a tour of the factory, where you will see the real life production of the lego bricks from scratch. Enter into the miniland and watch awe-inspiring mini replicas of the world’s greatest heritage attraction made with the lego bricks and adorned with spectacular light. The Junior driving school is another fantastic addition to the list of activities that lets your kids have the eccentric feeling of riding a car, under expert supervision. The sea port and police headquarters are other splendid themed zones, which feature a number of activities to keep our toddlers busy. For thrill seekers, the park also offers the extremely fun dragon’s apprentice roller coaster ride. Explore the wide range of restaurants and cafes at the park as well.
  4. Wild Wadi Waterpark – Situated right next to the Burj Al Arab, this amusing and fun water park promises you a thrilling time with your loved ones. As you enter into the park, you will find the massive and the biggest ride, Jumeirah Sceirah, which is twice as long and promises you a breathtaking  experience like never before. The Burj Surj is another spectacular ride that allows four people to sit inside a tube and slide down from a massive spiral slide. Juha’s Dhow and lagoon is also a fabulous zone, which features a massive playground with water rides and zones and buckets loads of water from massive heights. Take a break from the thrill of activities, and grab your tube to float in the long lazy river called Juha’s journey which passes by the entire park. The park features fabulous rides and attractions for all age groups.
  5. Bollywood Park Dubai  – Features around your famous bollywood epics and movies, this theme park is a fun getaway for all bollywood fans. The park features extraordinary carnivals and ferris wheels, inspired from the movie Lagaan which was a fantastic hit in Indian cinemas. The monsoon masti is another amazing interactive spinning wheel that goes round and round taking you on a splendid journey. For thrill seekers, the rocket, which is a horizontal lift that lets you feel the effect of gravity with its enormous free all drop form surprising heights. The Taxi no.1 is another spectacular roller coaster ride featured around the streets of Mumbai which will definitely have you screaming your lungs out with its massive speeds. The Sholay ride, which features 3D interactive zones, is one of the recent additions to park’s amusing rides and attractions. Hunt for the Gabbar as you ride in a cart and shoot at dacoits with your laser tags. Such speed and massive rides, makes bollywood park a massive hit.
  6. Aquaventure Waterpark – The aquaventure park is another fabulous spot wherein you can click amusing pictures whilst also enjoying a ride through the thrilling water sports. The park has over 105 slides and its range from a simple adventure for your kids to hair rising tunnel slides like nowhere else. The aquaventure waterpark also has shark lagoon experiences which are a one of its kind must tries. This experience allows you to wear suits and dive in with the sharks. One of the most fabulous experiences is the death drop leap of faith, where you can slide down at the speed of 60km/hours. The Poseidon’s Revenge, is another heart thumping ride that you can enjoy in your aquaventure tour. Brave the waves and thrill of rapids, is another fabulous wave pool, which has multiple levels that can elevate your water sports experience like no place else. Get ready to click multiple pictures and make fascinating memories with your friends and family.

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