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Yvonne De Carlo

Quick Facts of Yvonne De Carlo

  • Full Name: Yvonne De Carlo
  • Gender: Female
  • Birth Country: Vancouver, Canada
  • Net Worth: $2 million
  • Height: 1.62 m
  • Married Date; 1955
  • Children: Bruce Morgan, Michael Morgan
  • Father: William Middleton
  • Birth Name: Yvonne De Carlo
  • Date of Birth: September 1, 1922
  • Nationality; Canadian-American
  • Spouse: Bob Morgan (m. 1955–1973)
  • Marital Status
  • Mother: Marie De Carlo

Yvonne De Carlo, born on September 1, 1922, as Margaret Yvonne Middleton, was a Canadian-American actress, dancer, and singer. In the 1940s and 1950s, the blue-grey-eyed brunette became an internationally renowned Hollywood film star, recorded several albums, and subsequently playing on television and stage. Her mother used to call her Peggy.

Yvonne De Carlo Early Life

The daughter of William Middleton (dad) and Marie De Carlo (mother), Yvonne DE Carlo was born on January 4, 1922, in Greifswald, Eastern Germany, and was the only child to her parents.

However, she lived with Presbyterian maternal grandparents in their home in Vancouver, British Columbia. Growing up, she went to King Edward School.
Her mom raised De Carlo, and she encouraged Carlo to be a dancer.

So she enrolled her in a local dance class when she was only three years old. At the beginning of the 1940s, she and her mother moved to Los Angeles, where De Carlo took part in beauty competitions and worked in nightclubs as a dancer.

Career Highlights, Movies, TV, and Singing Career

In 1941, she was already working in movies in smaller roles. In a three-minute Soundies musical, she sang “The Lamp of Memory” and worked briefly at Columbia Pictures.

In 1942 she entered into a three-year agreement with Paramount Pictures to replace Dorothy Lamour, where she received un-credited bit pieces in significant movies.

After that, she signed a five-year agreement with Universal. After signing Universal Picture, she starred in many lavish Technicolor productions, such as Frontier Gal (1945), Song of Scheherazade (1947), and Slave Girl (1947).

“Queen of Technicolor” for three years in a row; After taking on the roles of typified exotic females, she produced her first substantial dramatic achievements in two films Brute Force (1947) and Criss Cross (1949).

De Carlo became the first American movie star to visit Israel and was also recognized as an actress for her job in British films Hotel Sahara (1951) and The Captain’s Paradise (1953).

De Carlo took over her position in 1966 in “Munster, Go Home,” a horrifying comedy, “Sea Devils” (1953). She continued a simultaneous singing career with success.

She also had a lovely voice, and her dancing background also culminated in a flourishing theater career. Her most significant stage play was’ Follies’ (1971-72) produced by Harold Prince.

De Carlo’s Awards and Hollywood Walk Of Fame

She has been named “Queen of Technicolor” for three years as one of the new glamor icons. Also, for ‘The Ten Commandments ‘ and ‘ McLintock,’ she won two prizes! ‘ In 1957, respectively, and 1964. On February 8, 1960, Carlo was awarded two stars at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Yvonne De Carlo’s Net Worth

When she started in Hollywood, the industry was at the peak of its growth, and she was able to become the face of American movies back then.

Carlo, with her charming looks and excellent acting abilities, was able to drag people to the theaters. As a well-established actress, she earned a total net worth of around $2 million.

Additionally, she also demanded a huge salary for her work at that time. Reportedly, she earned as much as a lead male character for the big-screen would receive, but sadly, the figure of her actual salary isn’t known.

In 1950, De Carlo bought an 11-room ranch house on five-and-a-half acres of “hilly woodland” on Coldwater Canyon Drive in Studio City, Los Angeles, above Beverly Hills,

De Carlo defined the property as her “dream home” and hired an architect to help design “an English-style dining room, with paneling and encrusted-glass windows.” 

She also built stables for her horses and a large swimming pool. She sold the estate in 1975. In 1981, she moved to a ranch close to Solvang, California, in the Santa Ynez Valley. The current valuation of her house would be above $35 million.

Yvonne De Carlo Relationship, Miscarriage, Marriage-Husband’s Accident & Divorce

“Queen of Technicolor,” as described by many studios, Yvonne De Carlo, dated many Hollywood hunks and icons back in her days. She was linked to many high profiled men, including actor Howard Hughes and Robert Stack. She after doing three movies together with actor Howard Duff in 1947, but they never got married.

After Duff, she dated American stuntman Jock Mahoney, English photographer Cornel Lucas, and Scottish actor Richard Urquhart but wasn’t committed enough to move forward with any of these three chaps.

De Carlo got pregnant while involved with Mahoney but found that she had a big ovarian cyst and had to go through a cesarean process. The tumor was separated surgically, resulting in the loss of her baby.

After the incident, their relationship got sour, and Mahoney and De Carlo seemed like carrying a dead weight relationship. Still, after she found out that Mahoney was seeing actress Margaret Field, their love came to an end.
De Carlo met Stuntman Robert Drew “Bob” Morgan (1915–1999) on the set of Shotgun in 1955, but he was already married to children, and De Carlo had “no intention of causing that marriage to break up.” 

However, after the death of Morgan’s wife, they met again on the set of The Ten Commandments in Egypt, where they “seemed immediately attracted to each other.” She had two children with Morgan: Bruce Ross (born 1956) and Michael (1957–1997).

However, Morgan’s accident while filming a movie caused him permanent immovability later, resulting in their divorce. Reportedly, in her last days, Yvonne lived a single life.

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