June 12, 2024

The Wendy Williams Show host takes time off work, return uncertain!

Wendy Williams, 57, who has a talk show to her name, The Wendy Williams Show took a hiatus at work after getting tested positive for covid19 but hasn’t been back to host it since. In a recent interview with US Weekly, the star thanked her fans and supporters for being by her side through such difficult times but at the same time informed that she won’t be back to host it unless her health permits the same. Ever since she tested positive for Covid in September, the New Jersey native has gone under complete isolation and quarantine at home. As a result her talk show premiere dates for season 13 got pushed back a week but later had to be delayed further. Williams later came out with a public post where she opened up about her health conditions and how she would take over the show only when “she feels like it”. The producers in the meantime have arranged for guest stars to take over the talk show and since its premiere on October 18, it has had some A-listed Hollywood celebrities and actors doing the honors, from Whitney Cummings to Leah Remini and Sherri Shepherd. Next in line are Jerry Springer and Bill Bellamy who will host them in November. 

Williams thanked the guests for taking over during difficult times and mentioned her health was slowly improving but given the tolls that age and surroundings have taken on her, she prefers to return to her purple chair once her physician grants her the green signal. 

 Over the years Williams had made the headlines for her open-ended yet bold statements, assertive voice and on-air spats with her A-list interviewees. But she also made news because of personal problems and health issues. This is not the first time her talk show got suspended since during her radio days and in the beginning of her career, she was addicted to cocaine for almost a decade. It led to her being diagnosed with Graves’ disease, hyperthyroidism and other physical ailments for which the show once got suspended indefinitely. Her personal life had been quite tumultuous with her 21 years of marriage finally falling apart in 2019 when she found out her now-ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, has been living a double life, had extramarital affairs and even had a child with another woman. They do share a kid together now. The Dancing With the Stars alum also has been a victim of sexual harassment and assault and suffered from multiple miscarriages before having her first issue with Hunter.

The Wendy Williams Show announced in a statement at the time that the premiere date would be moved from September 19, 2021, to October 4, 2021, to “allow Wendy time to quarantine and fully recover.” But again at the end of October the show announced via Instagram that Williams “continues to be under a doctor’s care and is still not ready to return to work.” It ensured fans that she was no longer under threat from corona but was still dealing with lingering unspecified health issues and would like to take some time off before returning to work, as fit as a fiddle.

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