June 12, 2024

“RHOBH” star Dorit Kemsley’s house robbed; questions “How Do I Protect My Children?”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 54 year old Dorit Kemsley got robbed on October 27 and opened about her traumatizing ordeal two weeks later, first through a public post on Instagram followed by an interview on Extra. Opening about that fatal incident, she said she was more than horrified and “taken completely off guard” when three masked men broke into her California house on Encino Hills and pinned her to the ground on the pretext of extracting money and valuables from her. As the interview proceeded she regaled her terrible ordeal and everything that was going through her head during those deadly hours.

On October 27, she was at home and not working, her kids were fast asleep in their rooms and her husband, PK Kemsley, who she married in 2015, was in the U.K. The surveillance video revealed two masked men in hoodies standing outside the sliding door of their home, probably plotting the break-in before shattering the glass and entering. They were surprised to find the actress at home, wide and awake, evident from her account, “When they did, they pushed me to the ground. They said, ‘Who else is in the home?’” The next thing she knew was that she was being overpowered and pinned to the ground with her invaders debating whether they should kill her off. 

In an interview with RHOBH co-star Teddi Mellencamp dated Tuesday, November 9, she said how harrowing it has been to hear her intruders debating about murdering her. One of them said, ‘Just kill her, just kill her already, just kill her,’ and all that was going through her mind then was to save her kids fast asleep in the next room. The next few moments were all about her holding onto her dear life, throwing herself at the mercy of the robbers and pleading for letting them go. The actress who is mother to two kids, Jagger, 7, and Phoenix, 5, said her focus remained on the little ones throughout the scary incident. She gave up everything, each and every valuable possession available at her immediate disposition whereupon the masked men escaped with over $100,000 worth of items. The criminals have not been identified yet but the Los Angeles Police Department went meticulously through the CCTV tapes in an attempt to unearth vital clues that could lead them to the culprits. 

Her husband returned immediately on hearing the incident to be at her side but the panic attacks and anxiety set in later. Dorit first addressed the robbery on October 30 with a statement via Instagram. She recounted how panicked and stressed out she has been both for her and her kids’ safety ever since the incident, constantly questioning “How am I ever going to feel safe again? How do I protect my children?”

The Connecticut native however felt she did not let her nerves betray her at that crucial god forsaken hour and instead talked and pleaded her way out of it as calmly as possible. She considers herself “lucky” to be physically unharmed and to know that her children slept through the confrontation knowing full well things could take an ugly turn had she ‘panicked’. Later she thanked all her fans and friends who came out in support of her and added how she has thrown herself to work and acting to distract herself from this terrifying ordeal and keep it from impacting the family negatively.

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