May 21, 2024
dog the bounty hunter and fiancee francie frane

Nothing will stand in the way of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s upcoming wedding to Francie Frane, read what he says.

Despite a family tragedy and the fact that neither of his children will be able to attend, Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and Francie Frane are looking forward to their September wedding.

“I come from a huge family, and the most of them will be here. “I adore all of my children, and it will be wonderful to have so many people here to celebrate,” Dog, 68, told Us Weekly exclusively on Tuesday, August 24.

After his daughters Cecily Chapman and Bonnie Chapman confirmed to TMZ earlier this week that they were not invited to the ceremony, the reality star is ensuring that his wedding goes off without a hitch. “We’ve spent so much time on this to make sure it’s great, and believe me, nothing will stand in our way,” Dog explained.

Dog, who has two daughters with his late wife Beth Chapman, said it’s awful that his kids are attempting to “cast a cloud over our wedding.” Bonnie previously indicated that she was not invited to her father’s wedding because she “choose to participate in social justice and BLM rallies.” Following her mother’s death in 2019, Bonnie went on to state that she has forgiven Dog for “countless behaviours that I shouldn’t have,” including alleged infidelity. 

“This is exactly why we had to exclude them,” Dog said in response to his daughter’s charges. “They’ve joined a terrible crowd and are working with the wrong people – I know because I’ve not only dealt with them, but also arrested them before,” the star of Dog’s Most Wanted added. He went on to say that he still loves and cares for his children, but he has decided that they will not be present on his big day.

“They’re my daughters, and I adore them, but they’ll grow up.” He told the sources, “I’m sorry they won’t be able to attend the wedding.” Dog is also “preparing to take legal action over the statements,” according to a source.

A source told Us that Dog was dealing with a catastrophe, since his brother-in-law “had been left struggling for his life” owing to COVID-19 issues, despite his disagreement with his daughters. “This is a tremendous blow just one week before the wedding,” the insider said of Frank Hammond, Dog’s sister Paula’s groom. “Dog and Francie were looking forward to spending time with Paula and Frank to celebrate. This is an awful thing that has happened to him. They’re hoping he’ll make it.” 

He told sources earlier this month, “This isn’t just a wedding ceremony, it’s going to be a marriage.” “I knew right immediately that Francie was the one, and we’re both excited to spend the rest of our lives together.”

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