April 18, 2024

Kim Kardashian wins People’s Choice Fashion Icon Award, thanks Kanye for opening the doors of fashion to her.

Model and socialite, Hollywood diva, Kim Kardashian expressed her humility while accepting the People’s Choice Fashion Icon of the year award on Tuesday, December 7 and if there was anything unexpected about it, she expressed her gratitude towards ex-husband Kanye. Kardashian, 41, who has a multi-billion dollars worth fashion brand to her credit, known as Skims, was honoured properly for the first time for her influence in the fashion industry. She wore a Balenciaga piece for the evening, all black but body fitting and curve enhancing, an apt representation of the every bit of fashion icon she truly is. As Kim accepted the award, she opened up about how she had started from humble beginnings and backgrounds and made it all the way up, so as to deserve a People’s Choice award someday and that too for her fashion brand. She thanked her team and designers with whom she had a personal touch even to this date, who have helped her with her firsts and that included everything, from dressing her up for an award show to supporting her career decisions. And then she took a moment to express Kanye. 

It was evident that there was no love lost between the two exes as she took the stage and thanked me for bringing her to where she was currently. Not only a stellar fashion brand but Kim also has a very keen entrepreneurial sense when it comes to creating such a multinational fashion brand. Over the years Skims has fanned out in almost every aspect of fashion, starting with street style at affordable ranges to luxury wear at higher prices. Her creations have often been sported by Hollywood celebrities like Ashley Graham, Sofia Richie and Kylie Jenner. The brand has achieved a whopping valuation of $1.6 billion as of 2021, after a successful funding of around $154 million. Recently she dropped her Skims x Fendi collection a few days before the WSJ magazine event and heralded the brand’s first big break into luxury wear and couture. She also has another lucrative business, KKW Beauty under her shield, which deals with beauty products and perfumes.

In her speech, the model noted, “I am honestly so humbled to be here. I started off as a closet organizer and a stylist, so the fact that I’m winning a Fashion Icon Award is a pinch me moment. I’m humbled every single day that designers are willing to work with me. There was a time when they weren’t. Thank you Zac Posen who dressed me and took me to my first CFDA Awards and so many amazing designers, like Ricardo [Tisci] and Olivier [Rousteing] that really believed in me. Well, [they] probably [were] talked into it by getting a call from Kanye.”

As she accepted her award from Tracee Ellis Ross she had nothing but appraising words for the rapper, whom she divorced back in 2020. 

“Thank you to Kanye even for really introducing me to the fashion world. I fell in love with fashion. This is a dream that I get to wake up and wear these amazing clothes and try new things, take a risk. I’m so humbled,” she added before getting off stage.

As for the people who decided to go with the Kardashian sibling as their fashion icon for the year, they were completely in awe of her Skims that has become one of the most popular shapewear brands in just a few months’ time since it’s launch in 2020. Jen Neal, the Executive Vice President for NBCUniversal Entertainment Television and Streaming, said, “For nearly two decades, Kim Kardashian West’s style evolution has disrupted and influenced trends on a global level and cemented herself as a force to be reckoned with thin the fashion industry,” and they simply couldn’t wait to honour her with this well deserved award.

Kim and Kanye broke up sometime around last year, citing differences between the two but still maintain a friendly, caring and loving relationship with each other till date.

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