May 21, 2024

Jessie J opens up about heart-breaking ordeal with miscarriage amid LA concert

On Thursday, November 26, British sensational pop singer Jessie J broke down amid her concert at LA while recollecting her miscarriage and failed pregnancy a few days back. She had previously announced her pregnancy on Instagram and gushed over her possible childbirth, that too completely by herself. The incident took place at the Hotel Cafe music bar in Los Angeles, where she was hosting an intimate, acoustic performance. The proceedings were filmed by celebrity news channel, TMZ.

Jessie J was previously suffering from a lot of health related diseases and disorders. On Wednesday November 24, the pop singer had announced on Instagram that she was pregnant and was ready to bring a baby into the world and raise him all by herself. She wanted to be a mother and had big plans about embracing her motherhood. However when she went for a ultrasound check-up the following day, her third USG check-up, the doctors informed her that the baby’s heartbeat was missing. As she opened up about how she had to come to terms with this sudden miscarriage, she expressed deep anguish and frustration.

“I decided to have a baby by myself,” she said, tearfully, “and then by a miracle, it worked for a little while. And yesterday, yeah, yesterday was f—king s—t.”

The pop singer had previously battled with infertility issues with doctors telling her se three years back that she might never get a chance at being a mother. She was advised then to undergo a hysterectomy to which her reply was ‘Oh hell nooooooo’. She shared her story with the audience at the Royal Albert Hall in 2018 and received immense support from everyone, including her then boyfriend and actor, Channing Tatum. She added that she “will be a mother” someday. 

The reason for her infertility, she later explained to the U.K. newspaper The Times in 2019, was because she had been diagnosed with a condition called adenomyosis.  Basically it is a condition where the tissue that lines the uterus grows into the organ’s muscle wall, which increases infertility and the chance of pregnancy loss. Hysterectomy could be the most severe form of treatment for this.

To add to her woes, the singer suffered from a hearing impairment around 10 months earlier, which according to her had been till then the hardest thing to recover from. On December 2020, she spoke about it on an Instagram live session. She had been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, an inner ear disorder that can cause vertigo and hearing loss. Her body balance and auditory processing was in a complete disarray and when she woke up she realised she was deaf in one ear. 

As she shared her story with the crowd onstage at her Hotel cafe concert on Wednesday, she recalled how she first lost her voice, then her hearing and now her baby. 

“This year has been, hands down, the hardest year that I’ve ever had to get through,” she said and the added “December last year, I lost my hearing,” and “it was f–king awful”.

“And I know I’m going to be OK, because there really is nothing else to choose in the way I live. But I wanted to be here tonight because the one thing that I believe in the most in this whole, entire universe, beyond surface conversations and Instagram and the Internet, is being human,” she went on record to say adding that she has seen through some of her most vulnerable phases of life and now, with such support and love from everyone, she doesn’t feel too alone anymore.

Jessie J performed at the Hotel Cafe on Thanksgiving day eve, just as a solidarity to other women all over the world who have gone through similar such losses and miscarriages or otherwise struggle with infertility as social media and might possibly get overwhelmed by family photos and holiday-themed pregnancy announcements on social media.

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