July 16, 2024

Jerry “Monza” Johnston Biography

Quick Facts of Jerry Johnston

  • Full Name: Jerry Johnston
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Country: United States
  • Net Worth: $500,000
  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Relationship: Married
  • Married Date: 1986
  • Children: 2
  • Birth Name: Jerry Johnston
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Tammy Johnston
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Weight: 73 kg
  • Hair Color: White

Jerry Monza Johnston, popularly known as Monza, is an American Racer, Car technician, and Social media star, best recognized for competing racers from different States, almost coming out top on the Discovery Channel series; Street Outlaws.

Monza has been famous since appearing on the Discovery Channel series, Street Outlaws No Prep Kings with other racers like Chuck SeitsingerJustin Shearer, etc. Everyone acknowledges his ability to get into nearly top since driving from the 1980s, who has been a legend on the show arriving from season 11. He is also famous on social media with over 156k followers on Instagram,  over 8.7k followers on Twitter, and over 65.5k followers on Facebook.

Monza Bio, Early life and career

Jerry Monza Johnston is an American citizen, but facts relating to his exact date of birth, family, and educational background are yet to be known. Nothing much can be found relating to his early career, he might have chosen to be a car technician in the later stages of his life.

With over 20 years of experience, Monza is growing very trendy in Street Outlaws, and there are many reasons for adding to this accomplishment.

Monza has been successful from Season 11 of the show, which broadcasts on the Discovery Channel. He was marked on the list of top five racers from Street Outlaws from 2013, ranking fourth on the list. But, he had to take a break from racing because of some injuries.

In 2019, he appeared on the PRI trade show 2019 by Visner Engine Development, which was also aired by Street Outlaws. Moreover, Monza’s unique ability of speed and expertise still has secured him a good Position at the show. As for now, his passion for racing is still on, showing no signs of slowing down sooner. He is also running his own Local business, Jerry Overhead Doors.

What is Monza’s Net Worth?

Being around his 60’s, Monza has an estimated net worth of above $500,000, as of 2020. he earned such huge wealth being a professional Racer, Car technician, and Social media star.

Further, here are some facts relating to Monza’s net worth:

Approximated Net Worth in 2020(Till April)+$500,000
Past Year’s Net Worth (2019)$500,000
Yearly Income$80,000-$150,000
Source of IncomeRacer, Car technician, and Social media star (profession)

He mostly races with his car, a 1972 Camaro Rally Sport. He has changed the top of the line innovation, which utilizes the 2 Monte Smith Custom Flowed Nitrous Foggers, 598 Cubic Inch Big Block Chevy Engine,  and PTC Powerglide Transmission and Converter.

As of now, Monza is seen driving a 72 Camaro Split Bumper, besides several other cars in his garage.

Is Monza married or dating someone?

Jerry Johnston is married to Tammy Johnston since May 30, 1986, with almost 34 years of togetherness. Monza has two children, a son named Brandon Johnston and a daughter named Brittani Johnston. As of now, he also has a grandson whose name is yet to be revealed.

His son, Brandon, is one of the key cogs for Team Monza and the performance of the car.

Jerry Johnston “Sinister Split Bumper”

Jerry Johnston “Sinister Split Bumper”

Street Outlaws contestant Jerry “Monza* Johnston had always been the top contender for the reality street racing show and as his muse, would rove about in his 1972 Camaro, nicknamed “Sinister Split Bumper.” Monza and Bumper, as they are known in the show immediately hit limelight for the former’s grit and sheer muscle power in driving the beastly beauty around the streets of Oklahoma and the latter’s magnanimity as one of the top nitrous cars in OKC. However, he is now gearing up for making some changes and upgrading the ’72 model. Monza has decided to go for a twin upgrade to turbo with his Camaro. 

Split Bumper was put under the expertise of HPP Racing who installed a state-of-the-art turbo kit along with some stunning paintwork, adjustments in the body panel to help with the car’s alignment better and custom funnels to the hood, to give the induction system some room to breathe. The car looked pretty dashing as it made its way down the GM assembly line. Jerry had been planning to make the switch ever since he saw how the rest of the cars in the 405 and No Prep world were evolving. 

Johnston obviously has big plans to make it back to the top of the List and not only that he plans to make it big into the drag racing championships all over the world. So it only makes sense that he has a beast that can help him achieve his set targets. With a little push from his own father and mentor Monte Smith, he looks forward to taking on the Radial vs The World class at the two Duck X Promotion in the future.

Monza’s Body Measurements

Weight73 kg
Height5 feet 11 inches
Body TypeEctomorph

Besides this, he also has tainted some tattoos on his body. One is tainted on his left hand, symbolizing a unique burning fire tailing plus sign. Other tattoos also might be around his body, which is not revealed yet.

Some FAQs related to Monza

What is Monza’s age?

Monza hasn’t revealed his age yet, but can be estimated to be around 60’s.

What is Monza’s nationality?

Monza is an American citizen.

What is Monza’s profession?

Monza is a Racer, Car technician, and Social media star.

What is Monza’s height?

Monza is around 5 feet 11 inches(180 cm) tall.

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