May 21, 2024

Diane Kruger talks about embracing motherhood at a later age, says it was worth it.

Inglorious basterds actor, Diane Kruger went pretty candid in an interview recently as she talked about embracing motherhood and having a child post 30. In the interview to the Sunday Telegraph, the actress who’s now 45, said she was glad she made the choice of waiting to be a mother at 30 and would have probably resented it if she hadn’t.

Kruger, a German native who is married to Norman Reedus confessed that waiting till her 40’s for her baby daughter, whose name is yet to be revealed to the public, has been pretty rewarding. The actress and former model explained in an interview how motherhood comes with its own set of challenges and demands, tackling which might have been difficult then, given her career and acting jobs which have started to take flight. Shifting between time slots and places, giving time to her professional wants and being on sets of any film was not only physically gruelling but also mentally demanding. She simply couldn’t have focused then on giving birth and bringing up a child. She became quite candid and admitted at 30, she was probably selfish to have a kid. But by the time she hit 35, and had more or less carved out a niche for herself in the film industry she was more like, ‘Yes, I probably do want one,’ but then there was also the search for “the one”. 

She met Reedus at a movie premiere and the two seemed to hit it off pretty well. The Walking Dead actor has been previously married to Helena Christensen and shares a son Mingus, 22 with her. As per Kruger, Norman is a really calm and doting parent and having done this once before, has taught her a lot about parenthood. Together they are bringing up their three year old daughter whose name is yet to be revealed. 

“He teaches me a lot because he’s done it before,” Diane gushed when asked about how things were working out for her and her husband post pregnancy and childbirth. “There’s definitely something to be said for being with someone who is doing it for the second time.”

Now that she’s a mother, the actress deliberately takes her time off acting to focus on her daughter. She sometimes even brings her to the set so she could spend some extra time with her and the little one doesn’t feel her mother’s absence growing up. 

“It’s such a cliché, but it’s true. The way I look at work is different. I love to work; in fact, I cherish it more today than I did before, but at the same time, you look at everything from a different angle, It’s not: ‘What’s it going to do for my career?’ It’s more about: ‘Could it fit into my schedule? How can I make it work? Is it going to be worthwhile?’”, she said in a guest interview to the Sunday Telegraph magazine.

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