May 26, 2024
chris pratt Maria Shriver

Chris Pratt stirs up controversy regarding “healthy” family; Maria Shriver supports son-in-law

In a recent episode of how to tackle online trolls and bullies, the latest victim of the hate spread was Chris Pratt, Guardians Of The Galaxy actor, aged 42. Pratt came out with an appreciation post for his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, 31 years, where he compared her to a prized possession, second to only a celebrity signed rookie card, and thanked her for giving birth to a “healthy gorgeous daughter”. 

The post had its heart undoubtedly in the right place but it didn’t seem so for the Instagram trolls and fans. Within seconds the comment section got flooded with statements that criticized and called out the actor, married once before, on his ‘sexist’, ‘gross’ and ‘ablest’ post and for seemingly deriding his firstborn. Under such trying times, Pratt’s mother-in-law and former First Lady of California, Maria Shriver, 66, came out in support of the actor calling him a “good man” and vouching for his character and personality, both as a husband and as a father.

The family dynamics of Chris Pratt with his current in-laws surely stood against the test of time when Shriver came out, all guns blazing, to have his back amid a flurry of disapproving comments. Chris’ post was in actuality a birthday tribute to his current wife where he thanked her for giving her a “happy healthy and gorgeous daughter”, a beautiful family and applauded her as a treasure to be cherished only second to his Ken Griffey Jr Upper Deck Rookie Card. Chris has more or less been a great fan of the Hall of Fame player who starred for the Seattle Mariners after being drafted number one and the Cincinnati Reds. He further added jocularly that in return for all of these, he only had to open the pickle jar from time to time, a transaction he wouldn’t mind any day. The fans didn’t take to these analogies or rather framing of love, well because within minutes he got slammed with one labeling it as a “hostage situation” and a sheer display of ‘male audacity’ while others expressed outrage at him calling his wife ‘a possession’. 

Shriver had his back throughout the scene and even came out with a supportive tweet which went like this,  ‘I love you Chris keep being your wonderful self rise above the noise your kids love your family loves you your wife loves you what a beautiful life. I’m proud of you xo.’ 

Pratt got divorced from ex-wife and actress, Anna Faris quite a while back, after almost 15 years of marriage, and the two share a nine-year-old son together, Jack who was born prematurely at three pounds, 12 ounces, and suffered from hernia and eye surgeries, and a heart issue. He’s also visually impaired and has problems with his legs. Chris’ post where he hones onto the fact that he has now got a healthy gorgeous daughter not only seemed insensitive but also harsh and un-fatherly to a number of fans who called him out for it. Because of repeated abuses and criticisms, the actor layer revealed to have succumbed to a pit of depression and foreboding. Luckily his mother-in-law came out in his support and shut off trolls and critics vouching for what “an amazing father, son and husband” he’s been to both his children, Jack and one year old, Lydia. Katherine, his wife, has also reposted Chris’ birthday post for her and stood by him, through thick and thin.

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