June 12, 2024
Jessica Marie Garcia Age, Husband, Wedding, Height, Weight loss

Jessica Marie Garcia

Born on March 23, 1987 Jessica Marie Garcia is an American actress who has played several huge roles in sitcoms and Disney channel. She has a mixed heritage, with her father from a Mexican line while her mother is of a Cuban descent. She would previously work at a restaurant before she got her big break in the acting industry. She made her professional debut as Sierra, a recurring role on the ABC family drama series, Huge, after which she did another couple of acting stints like independent movies and as Becky in the sitcom, The Middle (2013-2015) and as Willow Cruz in the Disney series Liv and Maddie.

Jessica Marie Garcia On My Block, Age, Height

She earned quite a bit of popularity with her portrayal of Jasmine Flores in the Netflix drama, On My Block, which she redid for a second season too and ultimately got nominated for the Teen Choice awards.  In the same year, she portrayed Rhonda Navarro on the thriller series How to Get Away with Murder, a role she held until 2019. She currently plays Camila in the Disney+ series Diary of a Future President, as of 2020. Jessica Marie Garcia is currently 34 years of age. Jessica Marie Garcia is 5’4 inches tall or 162 centimetres.

Jessica Marie Garcia Husband

The actress Jessica Marie Garcia married Adam Celorier in October 2018. The two met on the set of one of her projects and reportedly started dating since 2008. Almost thirteen years later they tied the knot in California at a high profile wedding with a guest list including several of her On My Block co-stars. 

Jessica Marie Garcia Husband

Adam was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, on 13 August 1979. He graduated from New England Technical Institute for Television and Radio Production in mass communication and journalism and then took up a job as a props master in the art department of Barracuda in 2013. He has earned quite a few appraisals for his work since then, the latest being Discarnate, 2018. He has worked with The Body Tree, Apex, and HTC Esports and currently lives with Garcia in Valley Village, California. 

Jessica Marie Garcia Wedding

Jessica Marie Garcia wed Adam Celorier in October 2018 at California at a high profile wedding, attended by several a-listed stars from the soap opera industry. The two had reportedly been dating since 2008,but got engaged much later, around 2016. Two years later they decided to tie the knot. Since then the duo has welcomed a baby too. 

Jessica Marie Garcia Weight Loss

Jessica Marie Garcia went through a massive weight loss journey and currently weighs at 127 lbs or 58 kgs. She recently opened up about her insecurities from being obese a d also suffered from diabetes, which made her lose weight drastically. 

She reported how she has been obese ever since she was a child and her mother would feed her with extremely protein rich diet that made her gain weight like crazy. Being unconscious about this cycle made her later extremely insecure about her appearance and binge eat or eat out of guilt if anyone ever commented on her blooming size or figure. Her ordeal with her overweight journey became extra taxing when she’d have to go for the “big girl” auditions in Latin soaps despite shedding off a few kilos. She’d also be controlled by her grandmother on what to eat, what to wear and how to turn herself into a more wanted, attractive and beautiful version. All of these took quite a hit at her mental health.

However, she later discovered that she was prone to diabetes and heart risk which made her rethink her life choices. She switched from drinking nine coke cans a day to living on carrots, potatoes and vitamin rich diet supplemented with healthy doses of protein and carbohydrates. Besides she started exercising seriously, taking up Pilates, yoga, swimming and even kickboxing.

Now down by 75 lbs, the actress feels herself to be more beautiful than ever. She is of the view that true beauty reflects from whatever’s inside of you, irrespective of what you eat, how you dress, how much you weigh or anything that takes away from your confidence. She is at that stage, where a few extra pounds doesn’t bother her, but taking precautions to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep herself fit and fabulous is her primary goal.

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