April 18, 2024
Ariana Grande requests restraining order against stalker

Ariana Grande Requests Restraining Order Against A Stalker Threatening To Kill Her

Last week, the 28-year-old singer, Ariana Grande filed for a civil harassment restraining order against a stalker who repeatedly visited her Los Angeles home. Grande, claimed in the order filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Sept. 14 that the guy who is recognized as Aharon Zebulun Brown, aged 23, visited her home for the last seven months despite the fact that she had never given him her address. Brown reportedly has made death threats and wielded a huge hunting knife.

On September 10, Brown allegedly yelled when challenged by her security, brandishing a knife and making threatening threats, according to Grande, he yelled, “I’ll f—-ing kill you and her,”. Upon the arrival of the Los Angeles Police Department, Brown attempted to run on foot, according to Detective Peter Doomanis’ court statement but was subsequently apprehended and put into custody. “Upon conducting a pat down search of Mr. Brown, LAPD officers recovered a knife from Mr. Brown’s front pant pocket,” Doomanis stated.
According to online prison records, Brown was being held at the North County Correctional Facility on $140,000 bond.

In a statement issued by the Dangerous Woman singer, Ariana Grande, she said, “The fact that Mr. Brown has been regularly coming to my home for over six months terrifies me. I am also fearful because Mr. Brown has recently been coming to my home every day, has threatened violence and has brought a weapon to my home”. Adding further she said, “Based on his threats, I am fearful for my safety and for the safety of my family. I fear that absent a restraining order, Mr. Brown will continue to come to my home and attempt to physically harm or murder me or members of my family.”

A court hearing date for this case has been set for October 5th.

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