April 18, 2024
LIlibet DIana with Harry and Meghan

According to reports, Harry and Meghan are planning a ‘secret’ christening in the United States for Lilibet

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have accused the Queen of inflicting ‘genetic agony and suffering,’ and have accused unknown relatives of bigotry, but they appear eager to keep the privileges of life in the Royal Family.

Originally, Prince Harry, 36, and Duchess Meghan, 40, planned to have their 2-month-old daughter Lilibet Diana baptised in Windsor in the presence of Queen Elizabeth. 

However, the plan promised to be difficult to implement from the start, putting the Queen in an awkward position. In an interview with the British publication “Express,” royal analyst Richard Fitzwilliams says Harry and Meghan “want to do things their own way.”

Prince Harry and Meghan want their baby, Lilibet, to be baptised in the presence of the Queen, according to a royal source.

Following their choice to leave the royal family as senior members in early 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sold their Frogmore Cottage property and relocated to Montecito, California, with their baby. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have welcomed their first daughter, Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana, after coming to the US, and are said to be loving family life in the United States.

Insiders told Eden Confidential that Harry and Meghan were planning to christen Lilibet in Windsor beside the Queen, with Harry telling many people: ‘Harry told several people that they want to have Lili christened at Windsor. ‘ The couples are content to wait until the situation permits.’

Angela Levin, a royal biographer, said it would put the Queen in a “difficult situation,” because she doesn’t attend events unless they’re “near enough to the Crown.”

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam claims in an interview with the Express that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will ‘do things their own way’ with their daughter, saying: ‘It seems certain that her christening will be in Meghan’s home state, with the secrecy but without the controversy.’

Meghan was reportedly baptised in a secret ceremony in the United Kingdom shortly before her wedding to Prince Harry. Meghan was baptised and confirmed in the Church of England in a private ceremony at the Chapel Royal under the auspices of Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, despite attending a Catholic high school. The private 45-minute ceremony, held in the Chapel Royal in 2018 by the Archbishop of Canterbury, was a well guarded secret involving only a few of royal staff.

Meanwhile, Lili’s brother Archie Mountbatten Windsor was baptised by the Archbishop on February 2, 2019 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor in unprecedented secrecy. The 25 invited visitors – who, incidentally, did not include the Queen — entered quietly through a back door. Despite the fact that the names of the royal newborns’ godparents have always been revealed, Harry and Meghan have refused to reveal Archie’s godparents. The godparents of royal babies are generally notified ahead of time, often on the christening day.

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