May 21, 2024

5 things you need to know about Hating games actor Austin Stowell!

The fresh face from Connecticut, an eye charmer and show stealer, Austin Stowell is now starring opposite Pretty Little Liars actor, Lucy Hale in The Hating Game. His role could throttle him to the limelight as a rom-com star. The Hating game which released on Friday, December 10 is based upon the novel of the same name by Sally Thorne. 

Austin’s character as Joshua Templeman, working in a small time publishing company would have Lucy as his professional rival. Initially the fans were pretty optimistic about this pairing since Austin fit into all the requirements of an eye candy but when the trailer dropped, they felt that the two lacked chemistry on-screen. However the film was well received as was Austin’s performance as the uptight co-worker who keeps Hale’s character on her toes. 

The duo are good friends in real life as well and some of it got soaked into their on-screen chemistry. “That was why I was so excited to do this movie: because I got to do a fun rom-com with a friend,” the Katy Keene veteran, Lucy Hale told Screen Rant in December. “The audience has to be right there with you, wanting these people to get together so badly. I knew that with Austin, we would have so much fun playing around.”

Stowell for his part is quite the aficionado of rom-coms  saying it’s his “favourite” movie genre and was eager to try his hand at the kind of banter immortalized in films like When Harry Met Sally. 

“That’s what a good romantic comedy is, is that you know these people are going to end up with each other at the end, but it’s the journey to get there. How they figure it out, because we all want that in life. We all want love. We all want somebody in our life,” Stowell said in an interview.

Austin Stowell is lined up to star in another series, Three Women, based on the book of the same name by Lisa Taddeo, set to be aired on Showtime. He’d be casted opposite stars Betty Gilpin, Shailene Woodley and DeWanda Wise as the titular women and Blair Underwood and Lola Kirke as supporting actors.

Here are five things that you need to know of Austin.

  • Austin has a dog named Gus and is a big dog lover, so much so that he wrote in August 2020 in celebration of National Dog Day, “We don’t deserve them. Gus, I’m so happy to pick up your poop. While we’re taking about it … pick up your dog’s poop, jerks.”
  • He has starred alongside Lucy Hale before too, in the mystery drama, Fantasy Island in which they both played guests at a mysterious tropical resort. He attributed this encounter to the fact why their camaraderie on the sets of this new movie has been so easy and free flowing. He said in an interview that to get to do a rom-com, his first, along with friend and veteran actor in this genre, Hales, he was really glad for the opportunity and to learn more from her.
  • Austin did his undergraduate in fine arts from the University of Connecticut and has starred in quite a few theatre shows and staged dramas with the Connecticut Repertory Theatre.
  • He is the brother of film producer, Ryan Stowell who has big hits and Oscar winners to his credit including Manchester by the Sea and Thoroughbreds. Ryan is also the head of Religion of Sports, an entertainment venture cofounded by Michael Strahan and Tom Brady.
  • Austin filmed his own nude shots! When asked in an interview whether he was comfortable doing his own nude scenes or felt the need for a body double, the actor quite candidly expressed that he starred in all his nude scenes and the secret to his toned posterior was nothing but squats.

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